Friday July 20 2018

Syringomyelia-Chiari 2018 International Symposium Organised by the Ann Conroy Trust, in association with Aesculap Academia.



Friday July 20 2018


09.00 Registration


Session 10 - Obstetric aspects


09.30 Invited lecture: James van Dellen, London, UK

Chiari and syringomyelia; pregnancy and labour; evidence and anecdote.


10.00 Free papers


F35 - Management of pregnancy and delivery in women with Chiari malformation type I and/or syringomyelia: a variability survey

Steven Knafo, Paris, France


F36 - Pregnancy and labour care for women with Chiari Malformation: a case series

Adikarige Silva, Birmingham, UK


10.30 Round table discussion (Chairmen: Marcus Stoodley; James van Dellen)

Obstetric aspects of Chiari & syringomyelia


11.00 Coffee: Trade exhibition


Session 11 - Veterinary aspects


11.30 Free papers


F37 - MRI biomarkers for canine Chiari malformation-associated pain and syringomyelia

Michaela Spiteri, Guildford, England


F38 - Vestibular signs, autonomic dysfunction and dysphagia might occur in adult dogs with syringobulbia

Baye Williamson, Ithaca, USA


F39 - Persistent fontanelles in Chihuahuas.

Anna-Mariam Kiviranta, Helsinki, Finland


12.15 The Ann Conroy memorial lecture: Clare Rusbridge Guildford (UK)

One health; learning from our best friends.


12.45 Closing remarks.


13.00 Lunch: Trade exhibition









The symposium is co-organised by The Ann Conroy Trust, in association with Aesculap Academia.


The Ann Conroy Trust is Registered Charity No: 1165808.

We provide Support, Education and Research for patients living with Chiari Malformation, Syringomyelia and associated conditions.