Stavros Stivaros

Syringomyelia-Chiari 2018 International Symposium Organised by the Ann Conroy Trust, in association with Aesculap Academia.


Syringomyelia-Chiari 2018


Chiari & syringomyelia: where next with imaging?


Stavros Stivaros


Until the relatively recent past, the main focus of development in brain imaging has been on either greater tissue contrast or improvements in resolution. We now have imaging studies routinely producing anatomical imaging with a resolution of less than 1mm3. Sometimes, however, simple anatomy is not enough and we find that the snapshot of an anatomical image has a relatively poor diagnostic efficacy. Fortunately, with the advent of multi-parametric brain imaging, we are now able to undertake imaging studies that also inform on function and physiology. The imaging assessment of hydrocephalus and Chiari have benefited from just such multi-parametric imaging assessments. This lecture will look at the development of neuroradiology and examine the techniques that have helped to unravel some of the physiological aspects of the haemo- and hydro-dynamics associated with CSF production and flow, including phase contrast MRI, diffusion and perfusion imaging. In addition we will explore how these same imaging techniques can be used to assess pathophysiology in patients, aid in diagnosis and inform on outcome, on an individual patient basis.






The symposium is co-organised by The Ann Conroy Trust, in association with Aesculap Academia.


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